Time Shadows

a Doctor Who short story anthology benefiting the Enable Community Foundation

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New URL, Site Update

In preparation for adding e-commerce and donation tracking to the Time Shadows website, I’ve recreated a self-hosted WordPress.org page located at:


Please update your browsers, etc.

Once I’ve published this post, I will transfer existing blog subscriptions to the new site, and set up an automatic redirect from old URL to the new one.

Thank you for your support and interest to date!

May 2016 Update

Production on Time Shadows is nearing completion… I’m currently working with the authors of the five-part framing story “A Torch in the Darkness” to ready the final drafts; work on all other stories is complete.

The cover artist is putting the final touches on his fantastic artwork and Time Shadows logo. And a prominent name in Doctor Who fiction kindly provided a foreword for the anthology.

Layout work will begin shortly, followed by release news…

As a teaser, here is the table of contents for Time Shadows:

“A Torch in the Darkness I: The Only Warmth in a Cold Universe” by Dale Smith

“Time’s Shadow” by Simon Blake

“Someone Took the Words Away” by Roger McCoy

“Dying Time” by John Peel

“Visitor from Space!” by J.R. Loflin

“Inertia” by Pete Kempshall

“A Torch in the Darkness II: A Legendary Hero” by Violet Addison & David N. Smith

“The Storm Eaters” by Christopher Olsen

“The People in the Wood” by Stephen Hatcher

“The Neither” by Ian Howden

“Iron Joe” by Abel Diaz

“The Godfather” by John Davies

“A Torch in the Darkness III: Medusa” by Violet Addison & David N. Smith

“Confirmation Bias” by Andrew Blair

“Indigo” by David McLain

“Close to Home” by R.P. Fox

“Straight on Till Morning” by Chris Heffernan

“After the Ball Was Over” by Christopher Colley

“A Torch in the Darkness IV: The End of a Legend” by Violet Addison & David N. Smith

“The Redemption of Vequazon” by Nick Walters

“Circular Logic” by Stuart Roth

“Mixed Signals” by David Black

“They Keep Killing Daniel Harley” by John Anderson

“Kingdom of the Blind” by Kevin Mason

“A Torch in the Darkness V: Nightlight” by Christopher Colley

Mar 2016 Update

The months are whizzing by… The second draft stage of Time Shadows is complete, and we’re working with the diligent authors to generate final drafts. We then move on to the layout stage.

It’s nearly one year since we put out a call for submissions. Fingers crossed, Time Shadows will be published in May.

Now for some more teasers… We’ve dropped the “Into Abyss” subtitle, while the now five-part framing story featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara will be entitled “A Torch in the Darkness”, inspired by a quotation from Robert G. Ingersoll: “A great man is a torch in the darkness, a beacon in superstition’s night, an inspiration and a prophecy.”

This unofficial, unlicensed anthology will feature 25 stories, including the five-part framing story.

A reminder that all sales proceeds will benefit e-NABLE.

Second Draft Stage

Welcome to 2016… A year ahead of Back to the Future Part II, and only three years till the age of Blade Runner!

Christmas break turned out to be a productive period for  work on Time Shadows, and we’ve now sent out detailed first draft reviews to all contributors. We now enter the second draft stage.

We were quite pleased with the overall quality of the first drafts, and we look forward to working with the writers to polish their stories to a shine… and then sharing them with the world at large!

December 2015 Update

Been a while since the last update. Series 9 has already come and gone, with the Christmas special less than a week away!

Rest assured that the anthology is still happening. Real life commitments have slowed progress somewhat this fall, but schedules are freeing up over the Christmas break.

My co-editors and I are still reading through first drafts and have begun sending detailed reviews to writers. We’re quite pleased with the overall quality of the submitted material (we’re sure our readers will be, too!), and look forward to moving into the second draft stage.

I think we’re long overdue for some more hints… The Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Eleventh and War Doctors will appear in one story each. While the First Doctor will appear in four stories.

Happy holidays, everyone!

First Draft Review Stage

The Aug 15 first draft deadline has quickly come and gone – as have the summer months! Fortunately, our commissioned writers didn’t disappoint, with many Word docs in our inbox this weekend.

As mentioned last post, all twelve Doctors plus the War Doctor will appear in the anthology, across 20+ commissioned short stories. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara feature in an exciting three-part framing story, each part by a different writer.